solidarity hymn


About Solidarity Hymn


Solidarity Hymn consists of Andy Othling (Lowercase Noises) and Steven Kemner (Hotel Neon). Their debut album 'For a Wandering Beam of Sun' was written and recorded in Albuquerque, NM at Andy's studio, and balances the subtle differences between their own ambient guitar and textural styles.

After touring together as their separate projects, Andy and Steven talked often about actually getting in a room together to create something new. With both of their other projects being somewhat isolated, they wanted to explore a more traditional writing process.

In August 2017, Steven joined Andy for a week at his studio where they laid down as many ideas/parts/textures as possible. Not wanting to write music separately over the internet, they decided that whatever they came up with in that week would be the album. Many ideas were both culled and tightened in the arrangement/mixing process, and what is left is a both strong and cohesive album which features the best moments of those sessions.